The power of pain to transform

The emotional pain we feel around money
can be transformative in its power,
leading to both a fulfilled life and personal growth.

Walking into the fire

by Jeremy Deedes | Living Money

Next stage in the process is transformation

All about overcoming obstacles

Dealing with obstacles often involves a degree of discomfort or pain, often emotional not necessarily physical.

Particularly so with money

Either face it or shy away from it.

Tends to be better to face it

Own experience of MBA, ignored it initially. However, when faced, it resolved (reasonably easily)

More importantly, it changed me, transformed me.

In so doing I had died to my old self, was reborn into a new person.

Worth remembering this when we deal with money. Walking into the fire of our money problems usually leads to clarity, release from pain and personal growth.

Money is an amazing spiritual teacher, as my fellow coach Danielle Merchant once put it to me.