The true nature of money worries

In this audio, Living Money founder and financial life coach Jeremy Deedes talks about
how we can deeply transform our lives by overcoming obstacles,
and in particular by the way we talk about them.

FUTURE: 'If only I had more…'

by Jeremy Deedes | Living Money

Carrying on talking about Transformation, the process of overcoming the obstacles between where we are now and where we want to be.

Central phase of the life and financial planning process, out of this comes a plan.

Sometimes we confuse what an obstacle is about, and therefore deal with it incorrectly.

Think about whats happening if you say to yourself something like ‘If I had more money I would do this to that’  is that a financial obstacle. it may be. However, it may be an emotional obstacle or it may even be an obstacle arising from a lack of understanding.


In London for a conference, suggested to a friend who lived out of town and was also in town that day that we meet up for a drink after the conference was over.

She initially said no, because she would have had to get a later train home and would have to pay for a more expensive peak time ticket. She eventually worked out this was not an issue of cost; it was an issue of value and the value of meeting up with friends was significantly higher than the additional cost of a peak time train fare.

So this was not a straightforward ‘I don’t have enough money’ type of obstacle.  it involved an emotional decision about money and should have involved an element of personal knowledge and planning.

had my friend taken time to sit down and set out her vision of her life, identified important personal projects (such as maintaining friendships), created spending plans around her vision, been fully in control of her finances she would not have got herself into this dilemma. She would have been able to say immediately this is important for me. I have allocated funds for this. I will do it.

So, whilst our plans do emerge from the way we deal with obstacles, its also important that we understand that planning our lives and finances, setting out our vision, identifying important personal projects and values, setting and sticking to spending plans to achieve these are powerful tools in helping us to lead a fulfilled life.

Not only our own lives, the lives of others as well.