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An exercise in self-discovery

‘Here’ is usually a good starting point when you decide to work on your life.

But where – or what – is ‘here’?

This simple and fast exercise helps you to make those first steps. It is based on the familiar wheel of life. However, we ask you to assess your life on a scale between scarcity and abundance (rather than somewhere between good and bad). Download and give it a go!

Depending on how you come out of the assessment, you can move on to Moving Questions, a useful exercise for getting to grips with any specific issues the assessment has brought to light.

The assessment will also provide you with the basis for writing your own manifesto, a good first step for moving forward with your life and money. Our Create your own Manifesto post will help you with this.

Use the comments box below to tell us and other visitors to Living Money how you got on.

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As coaches, we use questions all the time; we are curious and our curiosity is what helps our clients to move forward. We use this and similar exercises as well as additional material, recommended reading, reflective exercises, discussions and contributions to help members of Living Money further their personal and financial development.

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