A roadmap to transform your life

In his Money Manifesto this week, Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes considers how a written, detailed roadmap to transform your life and finances is both liberating and empowering.

A roadmap to transform your life

by Jeremy Deedes | Living Money

In this penultimate phase of the FUTURE process you will be setting down your plans on paper, adding detail, making calculations, devising strategies.

Your roadmap will set out your goals, what’s stopping you, your plan for getting round the obstacles, your resources plan and spending plans, your personal development plan and, of course, your financial plan. Your financial plan will include your projected lifetime cash flow and lifetime liquid assets charts, as well as decisions about asset allocation and financial products. Most importantly, it will include the action points that need to be completed, with dates and priorities.

This is where the detail comes in. You are probably going to be working with spreadsheets and calculators, calendars and projects, portfolio valuations and policy documents.

Often seen as a time consuming and tedious chore, creating your own roadmap for your life and your money is deeply liberating and empowering. After all the work you have put in in the previous stages, at last it all comes together in a way sets out how you are going to change your life for the better, how you are going to structure your money to support your lifestyle and run those important personal projects.

Story of the architect. The detail is the building.