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Where professional and entrepreneurial families meet to master their lives and money

At Living Money we have a saying:
‘Conversation changes lives.’

So often we have seen how clients gain clarity and vigour, how they change direction and move forward just by having a conversation about something that is troubling them. This is the essence of the Money Masters Community. It is a place where you can learn, grow and discuss life and money matters with other members in a a compassionate, supportive, non-judgemental setting. Its where you can discuss your life and money issues with like minded people in confidence knowing they have no reason to impose their agenda on you.

The four key elements of Living Money that will ensure you get the most out of your membership


You will receive password protected access to the community’s ad free website.

This is where you get (and give) the knowledge and resources to deliver the various elements of your life plan.

There will be a new page each month covering the topic for the month.

You will be able to comment and contribute via mini-forums on each page where you can discuss topics with fellow members, post the results of your exercises, provide your own ideas.

Learning material

Delivered by us, learning material will be posted on the community’s website during the month.

Learning materials will focus on the month’s topic and help you explore the topic in more detail. You will also be able to make your own contributions.

Material will include videos, white papers, interviews, case studies, recommended reading and much more.

The material will be posted on the group website and each page will have a facility for members to comment, post their achievements and discuss the various aspects of the topic.

Regular Q&A calls

There will be a live online Q&A session each quarter where members can ask questions, contribute their own wisdom and generally have a chat.

These will be recorded and posted on the website, so if you cannot make the event in real time you can always catch up with or revisit sessions later. You will be able to submit questions beforehand.

Whilst each Q&A call is likely to focus on the previous quarter’s topics its not intended that the sessions be limited to these topics only.

Secret Facebook Group

You will get access to our secret Facebook Group (‘Secret’ means the group is completely invisible to non-members and the only people who will know are other group members).

This is our main community platform where you can have conversations with the group as a whole and as equals, or with individual members using Messenger.

Its the core of the group and is where the community really resides. Its where you can tell the group about yourself, share your wisdom and give and seek support.

In conclusion, membership of Living Money Masters will give you:

A platform to meet like minded people and discuss how to live your dream Resourcefulness, ideas, learning to help you live your dream Accountability: by telling the group how you intend to change, what you intend to do and by when you can make yourself and your dream accountable to supportive peers Share the collective wisdom of the group to help you achieve your dream

Members are expected to follow our community guidelines when active on the site or in the group (see below).

Additional information for your security and growth

Community guidelines

Share, support, learn

This is a community for sharing, supporting and learning. You will get the most out of this by participating and engaging with others in the group. Please therefore take time to share your experiences and views. This, of course, puts you in a potentially vulnerable position and so we ask you to follow these guidelines for your security and that of the group:

  • Your own contributions should be clear and genuine, posted in the spirit of helping others to learn and grow from your experiences, and not for self-promotion
  • Your reactions to the posts of others will be empathic and compassionate, without sympathy, advice and criticism
  • You are welcome to disagree and debate as long as you do so with respect and curiosity. Try to understand the other’s point of view without imposing your own agenda
  • Be supportive and encouraging of other members and remember they are resourceful and seek guidance and support to solve their own problems
  • In particular, help others to learn. Don’t give advice, especially therapeutic to financial advice (you are probably not qualified to do so anyway)

The full community rules are posted on the website and Facebook group and are written in accordance with Living Money’s manifesto which we encourage members to download, read and follow.


Q. When do we enrol?
The Living Money community opens for enrolment in Jan 18, giving you access to the community and Module 0 of the course for free for 21 days so you can explore the content and connect with other members.

Q. When do we start and pay?
You pay your first monthly subscription 22 days after enrolment, giving you ongoing access to the community and Module 1 of the course.

Q. What will we be discussing in the first few months?
We will be looking at topics that support the course material such as values, limiting beliefs and financial frameworks.

Q. There is a subject I really want help with?
Excellent. Ask for us to include it in the main agenda, or bring it up in a Q&A, or post to the group and see if other members can help you.

Q. Is financial advice included.
Strictly not. We will talk money in generic terms only. You should find an authorised adviser if you need advice.

Q. Can I leave the group?
Of course, although we will miss you. You will continue to have access to the material for the remainder of the month or year for which you have paid. After that you will no longer have access to the website or Facebook group.

Your group leader

The group will be led by Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes (photo, right), a member of the International Coach Federation and a former career financial life planner.

He specialised in coaching after a lifelong career in financial services. He was a Certified Financial Planner and Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning for 17 years, and a board member of the IFP for six. He began his move from adviser to coach when he trained in the USA with George Kinder, the father of financial life planning, and became the UK’s first Kinder Institute Registered Life Planner in 2007.

He is the author of the acclaimed book  ‘Right Money, Right Place, Right Time’, available on Amazon. Read more about Jeremy on his personal website at www.jeremy.deedes.com

Client testimonials

Jeremy offers realistic advice, challenge, support and good humour in equal measure and I would not hesitate to recommend working with him.

Simon Lees

I am so grateful to Jeremy for his patience and unfailing good humour in dealing with me and for helping me to take control of instead of feeling controlled by my finances.

Lynn Holmes

Working with Jeremy and his team has been a pleasure. He is a friendly, considerate and honest man and we would recommend him to anyone.

Mick and Grace Scott

Ten years on we are in a much better economic situation. Part of this is due to the recovery from the Global Financial Crisis. However, most of our present status is due to the application of thinking and acting prescribed by Jeremy over the time that he worked with us. We consider ourselves in his debt.

Justin and Winnie Bridge

We were able to make a much more adventurous change in our lives. Jeremy helped us to make that decision by articulating our respective hopes and ambitions for the future, discussing them with him and then feeling confident enough to formulate a radical change of plan and put it into action. Without Jeremy we would never have had the confidence to do what we are doing but would have muddled on in the same old way.

(Names withheld at client's request)

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