Right Money, Right Place,
Right Time

In this highly-acclaimed book Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes advocate treating money as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Using perspectives from life coaching and financial planning he describes how to always have the right money in the right place at the right time to live and breathe, to find choice and freedom, to transform our lives and the lives of others.

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What readers have said about Right Money, Right Place, Right Time

I particularly liked the personal aspect.  The use of little stories that made it real and human.  By making it so personal it somehow made it easier and more whole to understand.  I liked the use of positive language and different use of words.  Not budgeting (but spending plans,) for example, made it all more doable, and not a frightening challenge to meet head on.  It made me feel it was a more balanced approach to dealing with time and money.  It made me think.  A far more creative approach which really appealed to me.

Jane Lush

Owner, Lush & Lang

The right phrase should be – if you are planning to invest, then you should invest in planning. We have business plans for companies but when it comes to the finances of our own family, then the only thing we seem to plan is a holiday. Jeremy Deedes has written the most comprehensive explanation and guide for financial planning I have ever read. More than that though he has made it accessible and understandable for all.

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Co-founder, Seven Investment Management

As a chartered accountant of 45 years standing and a serial entrepreneur, I recommend this excellent and thoroughly enjoyable book, as a must-read for everyone, however financially sophisticated they consider themselves to be.’

David Pearl on Amazon, 10 May 2015

David Pearl

‘We probably all want to be ‘free’ above all else, and the way in which Jeremy Deedes uses financial planning to gain that freedom whilst also pointing out that money is a tool rather than as the goal itself, is reassuring and not what one might expect from financial planner.’

Carol Robinson

Owner, Aberford Interiors