Invest in Yourself

If you do the same thing you did yesterday, tomorrow won’t change.
Invest in yourself, get on the road to wholehearted living and financial organisation and make tomorrow different

Learn about Life and Financial Planning

A set of material and exercises to help you learn about our own unique brand of life and financial planning.
Truly holistic, we explore a wide range of issues such as consumerism, greed, narcissism, egotism and perfectionism
as well as traditional cash flow, financial organisation and investment strategies.


If you think personal finance is about maximizing investment returns you’ve missed the point.

If you are not living the lifestyle to which you aspire because your personal finances are a mess and your investments are not performing as expected then Right Money, Right Place, Right Time is for you.

In this highly acclaimed book Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes advocates treating money as a means to an end rather than an end in itself by using perspectives from life coaching and financial planning to transform our lives and the lives of others.

With its unconventional approach, quirky illustrations by Tim Bulmer and Clang and real life stories, this book will transform your relationship with money.

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This 60 minute online tutorial introduces our financial life planning process
and will lead you into our trimester and community.

The tutorial is divided into three parts. In Part 1 (10 minutes) Jeremy tells his own story and explains how his past experiences give hime the right to teach you about life and money.

Part 2 (35 minutes) is a tour of FUTURE, our unique process. Although its fast, there are plenty of exercises for you to get your teeth into.

Part 3 (10 minutes) is a discussion of your next steps and introduces the Living Money community and how it can support you as you make changes to your life and money.

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 Join Us Online

We have developed three online services to enable you to make the changes to your life and money you need
to live and breathe, to find freedom and choice in your life, to contribute more than you consume
and to transform your life and the lives of others.

You can buy each separately. However, the three services are designed to work together and we recommend you buy the complete package through premium membership of Living Money. Its also much cheaper!


Living Money is online community practicing an authentic approach to life and money, learning from experts, sharing wisdom and experience and supporting each other through life’s ups and downs.

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Master your Money, Master your Life is a four month, online course to teach you how to develop and implement your own freedom generating life and financial plan. Courses start in September, January and May.

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Planning Projector is an easy-to-use app to prepare you for anything life has to offer by visualising the financial impact of your plans. Develop ‘what-if’ scenarios to see the impact of changes to your plans and circumstances.

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 Get Personal

This is the start point if you want more than online DIY life and financial coaching.

Mapmaker is a structured conversation with financial life coach Jeremy Deedes at which you can explore your personal life and financial issues.

It is an important first step to addressing your concerns about life and money, becoming financially well organised and living a wholehearted and meaningful life.

The objective of Mapmaker is to obtain valuable insights into your own situation, assess the degree to which you are on track and take the first steps in dealing with your life and financial hurdles. Use the exercise on the right to identify some of your challenges.

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