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This series of short films introduce FUTURE (Foundation, Utopia, Transformation, Utilisation of resources, Roadmap, Engagement) our unique blueprint for mastering your life and money.


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An opportunity to listen to Jeremy Deedes and his guests discussing life and money.

Scarcity, wealth and fear

Jeremy Deedes expands on an earlier Manifesto article and talks about scarcity which, by definition, is the other side of the desire for wealth and status coin.

Be vulnerable around money

Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes looks at why Brené Brown’s work on shame, vulnerability and courage is so important for a good relationship with our money.

When enough is enough

Does our desire for wealth and status, which extends into a yearning for more time, space, love, looks and much more, actually leads to less contented lives?

Investor risk is as crucial as investment risk

Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes consider that investor risk and our behaviour are as important as the investments themselves and that the regulatory approach to risk is fundamentally flawed..

A roadmap to transform your life

In this audio, Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes considers how a written, detailed roadmap to transform your life and finances is both liberating and empowering.

You are your most important resource

Its important to maximise our physical, personal and financial resources, to make them work for us, if we are going to achieve your goals. This week I talk about your personal resources. Its important to maximise our physical, personal and financial...

The true nature of money worries

In this audio, Living Money founder and financial life coach Jeremy Deedes talks about how we can deeply transform our lives by overcoming obstacles, and in particular by the way we talk about them.

The power of pain to transform

The emotional pain we feel around money can be transformative in its power, leading to both a fulfilled life and personal growth. Treat money as a powerful spiritual teacher.

FUTURE: Personal development – the route to true wealth

This week, how investment in ourselves through a personal development programme rather then investment in property is the route to true wealth listen to ‘Personal development, the route to real wealth - Monday Money Manifesto, 25 Nov 13’ on Audioboo

FUTURE: Get personally organised with Patty Cruz-Fouchard

In this week's Money manifesto we talk to Patty Cruz-Fouchard of Organised and Simple ( about why its important to be personally well organised as well as financially well organised. listen to ‘Be personally well organised and...

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