Here are three exercises to get you started. The first will help you assess where you are today.
The second will help you resolve a problem and introduce you to the coach’s main tool – the insightful question.
The third will help you define and energise your life.


This exercise helps you to make those first steps in moving forward in your life by conducting a simple and fast assessment of where you are now. It is based on the familiar wheel of life and uses a scarcity / abundance scale instead of the usual good or bad.

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Moving Questions

Work through this short exercise to make progress with a problem or challenge you are facing and discover the power of the coach’s most useful tool – insightful questions. You need is 10 minutes, pen, paper, peace and quiet. Good luck!

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Create your manifesto

Your own written, public statement of your values, aims and objectives becomes your manual for a wholehearted, fulfilled life. Start to create yours now. Follow the link for more help, examples and a starter template, and take your time. Good luck!

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Simply pick one a week and have a go. Often only small things to do, they can potentially have a big impact on your life and money.
Give them a go!

Little steps: Set a start date

This week: Decide a start date for your life and financial plan. This could be Jan 1 or your birthday; The start of the tax year, your business year start or the start of the academic year might work better for you.

Little steps: Live in the moment

This week:  Live in the moment. Practice mindfulness, a practice which brings us to the here and now, living for the real moment, not the past, or the future.

Little steps: Credit cards

This week: Try to use debit cards rather than credit cards. If you use credit cards, stick within your spending plans.

Little steps: Record your time

This week: How much time are you spending on things that really matter to you?  Record how you spend your time this week, see where your time really goes.

Little steps: Possessions

This week:  Find a drawer, box or cupboard, one that is out of the way, ignored and which you know to be full of ‘stuff’ not looked at for years. Aim to empty it by making a decision about every object. Decide to use it (so put it somewhere accessible and useable), recycle it, give it away, sell it or dispose of it.

Little steps: Decide on your charities

This week: Take the guilt away from saying ‘no’ to every charitable request.  Based on your values and aspirations, decide which charitable organisations you want to be involved with, and say a guilt free ‘no’ to the others.

Little steps: Find your freedom

This week:  Clinging on to beliefs from the past will make sure that freedom always eludes us. Find time to relax and let go of these falsehoods.

Little steps: Life goals

This week:  Act, put pen to paper and write down a first draft of your life goals. Refine, expand, add detail over subsequent weeks.

Little steps: Financial products

This week:  Your portfolio of financial products is there to support you in your life goals; if they don’t, change them or adapt them.

Little steps: Do nothing

This week: Sitting down and not doing it, the opposite of what we think we should be doing, can be immensely rewarding.

Your next steps


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