A coaching service dedicated to personal growth and development, authentic living and resourcefulness

LifeWorks is a coaching service that helps you develop and grow, live wholeheartedly and utilise your resources to achieve your full potential.

Unlike counselling, which is concerned more with your past experiences, coaching concentrates on moving you forward by gaining new insights and overcoming obstacles. Although coaching is not counselling, we will from time to time take you back to resolve issues preventing you moving forward.

LifeWorks is designed for professional and entrepreneurial families seeking to move forward in their personal arena. However, for many such families work is an integral part of their lives and so we will coach around your business as well as your personal agenda when required.

We also recognise that you will, more often than not, need to address emotional and practical issues around money if you are going to make changes to your life and we specialise in dealing with these issues. We will not, however, get involved in the minutiae of your personal finances.

Our FUTURE programme, which involves a combination of life coaching, financial planning, training, education and facilitation is available if you want a fully integrated approach to your life and money (see for more details).