Financial organisation

Financial organisation balances passion and prudence, impulse and forethought, living in the moment and being responsible for long term security.

Where am I?

Knowing where we stand today is an important first step in moving forward in your life. Try this simple exercise, adapted from the familiar wheel of life, to help you begin.

‘The Financial Planning Process is Wrong!’

This important article by Tim Maurer addresses the pitfalls of conventional financial planning, which is all about ‘what’ and ‘how’, when we should be concentrating on the ‘why’.

Tasha Eurich and Insight

‘When we are self-aware, we’re happier, we make better decisions at work and at home, we raise more mature children, the list goes on.’ Tasha Eurich

Create your own manifesto

Use this format-free TextEdit document as the starting point to create your own life manifesto.

Really useful money books

This post is devoted to books written about your relationship to money and the psychology of personal finance, books about transformation not transactions.

Moving questions

Moving Questions will help you make progress with a problem or challenge whilst demonstrating the power of the coach’s most useful tool – insightful questions.

Living Money’s manifesto

The Living Money manifesto is a blueprint for leading an authentic, fulfilled life free from the slavery of money.

Scarcity, wealth and fear

Jeremy Deedes expands on an earlier Manifesto article and talks about scarcity which, by definition, is the other side of the desire for wealth and status coin.

Be vulnerable around money

Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes looks at why Brené Brown’s work on shame, vulnerability and courage is so important for a good relationship with our money.

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The Living Money Blog

Here you will find articles, audios and videos on a range of topics about life and money. These are divided into six key topics: Self, Environment, Growth, Money, Work and Resources

Allocate your income

You have began to allocate your income. Start with your expenditure. Develop a spending plan, which will tell you how much of your income needs to be moved to your spending account each month. Next, create a security fund. You may already have cash. This may be too...

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Organise your portfolio

Organise your portfolio. The moment has finally arrived for you to make your plan a reality. You will by now, have a basic understanding of the main asset classes – cash, fixed interest, equities and alternatives. It now only remains to draw them together into a model...

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January quote for the month

'Stop beating yourself up.  You are a work in progress; which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.'  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Stephen Covey

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January theme – your roadmap to freedom

'Roadmap' is the penultimate phase of our FUTURE programme for creating a life and financial plan to get you to where you want to be. In this phase you set down your plans on paper, adding detail, making calculations, devising strategies. Your roadmap will set out...

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So how do you save, and how much should you save? To answer, you need to return to your income and expenditure statements. You need to make some decisions about both in order to get some clear water between your income and expenditure, the difference being money that...

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Real life planning

We are planning our finances for the long term and we are establishing our short term security fund. During this process we must not loose sight of our life goals and objectives and how we are going to achieve them. It cannot be all about the planning and not about...

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You are your most important resource

You are your most important resource

Its important to maximise our physical, personal and financial resources, to make them work for us, if we are going to achieve your goals. This week I talk about your personal resources. Its important to maximise our physical, personal and financial...

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Managing time and money

Taking control of your time and money is the route to personal freedom and happiness. Managing your time and money is all about setting boundaries, which might well involve painful emotions, and when those boundaries are set you are free to do what you will within...

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What is the best financial planning advice?

Make a life plan.  Your money and your life work together. Financial institutions have managed to divorce life from money over the years, concentrating on products rather than solutions, materialism rather than integrity, money as an end in itself rather than as a...

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