Financial organisation

Financial organisation balances passion and prudence, impulse and forethought, living in the moment and being responsible for long term security.

Where am I?

Knowing where we stand today is an important first step in moving forward in your life. Try this simple exercise, adapted from the familiar wheel of life, to help you begin.

‘The Financial Planning Process is Wrong!’

This important article by Tim Maurer addresses the pitfalls of conventional financial planning, which is all about ‘what’ and ‘how’, when we should be concentrating on the ‘why’.

Tasha Eurich and Insight

‘When we are self-aware, we’re happier, we make better decisions at work and at home, we raise more mature children, the list goes on.’ Tasha Eurich

Create your own manifesto

Use this format-free TextEdit document as the starting point to create your own life manifesto.

Really useful money books

This post is devoted to books written about your relationship to money and the psychology of personal finance, books about transformation not transactions.

Moving questions

Moving Questions will help you make progress with a problem or challenge whilst demonstrating the power of the coach’s most useful tool – insightful questions.

Living Money’s manifesto

The Living Money manifesto is a blueprint for leading an authentic, fulfilled life free from the slavery of money.

Scarcity, wealth and fear

Jeremy Deedes expands on an earlier Manifesto article and talks about scarcity which, by definition, is the other side of the desire for wealth and status coin.

Be vulnerable around money

Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes looks at why Brené Brown’s work on shame, vulnerability and courage is so important for a good relationship with our money.

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The Living Money Blog

Here you will find articles, audios and videos on a range of topics about life and money. These are divided into six key topics: Self, Environment, Growth, Money, Work and Resources

Build life changing travel into your plans

Build life changing travel into your plans

Read this series of four posts on the Living Money website. They examine the importance of travel for life changing personal development. It follows we should reserve significant resources for travel in our financial plans. Take a journey to discover your essential...

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Get your business oversubscribed

Whilst not strictly about personal finance, Oversubscribed is an important book for anyone struggling with (or even not struggling) with the business quadrant of ‘Time, Life, Money and Business”.

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TWAP4 – Return home and seize the day

Returning home from a break is often a challenge. If it is, then that is because we are returning to ‘the person we are in ordinary life and withdrawing from the person we essentially are’. However, it does not have to be like that. Both the process of preparing to...

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New personal finance book now in paperback

A new personal finance book, Right Money, Right Place, Right Time, by Living Money founder Jeremy Deedes has now been published in paperback and is available on Amazon. In his wide-ranging, personal book Jeremy Deedes advocates treating money as a means to an end...

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February quote for the month

'It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results...

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February themes

Our theme for February is execution, the final phase in our 6-step process to financial freedom. In fact, you have probably been ‘executing’ since you started the process. If you do tomorrow what your did today, tomorrow will be no different from today. Don’t expect...

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Harness the power of patience for true wealth

Patience is probably not a buzzword for the modern world. Nor would one normally associate it with money. However, we have already seen how patience, in conjunction with compounding, brings significant rewards. In the world of financial life planning, patience goes...

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