General FAQs

General FAQs

"Who owns Living Money?"

Living Money is owned by Jeremy Deedes. All business is conducted through Project Sophia Ltd. which is registered in England and Wales, registered number 8140280.

Project Sophia Ltd is registered for VAT, registration number 259 3984 4

"Do you give financial advice?"

Project Sophia Ltd or Jeremy Deedes are not authorized by the FCA to provide financial advice nor do we wish to provide clients with advice on products regulated by the FCA.

We might give generic financial advice within our coaching sessions which fall outside the FCA regulatory remit.

"Who do you work with?"

We work with professional and entrepreneurial families in their personal arena. However, for many such families work is an integral part of their lives and so we will coach around your business as well as your personal agenda when required.
We work to your agenda, listening to you, asking question to bring insights into your life, looking backwards to move forwards, helping you bring out the solutions that already exist inside you.
We have a number of coaching styles and methodologies at our disposal and we will discuss with you from time to time the most appropriate method of working with you. We will often ask you to complete exercises or projects between sessions, or background reading.
We also recognise that you will, more often than not, need to address emotional and practical issues around money if you are going to make changes to your life and we specialise in dealing with these issues. We will not, however, get involved in the minutiae of your personal finances.

Our FUTURE programme, which involves a combination of life coaching, financial planning, training, education and facilitation is available if you want a fully integrated approach to your life and money (see for more details).
Your relationship with money has a significant impact on the life you lead. We believe that living authentically is best achieved by putting compassion before greed, personal development before investments, spirituality and integrity before materialism, contribution before consumption. Living Money exists to bring about a world in which money is seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself, and greed and fear are replaced by understanding and sharing.

"I don’t live in the UK; can you still coach me?"

Jeremy coaches clients worldwide.

His online coaching sessions take place on the Zoom platform using both video and audio with Skype as a backup option.

"Who will be my coach and what qualifications do they have?"

Jeremy Deedes, owner and founder of Living Money.

Jeremy was formerly a Certified Financial Planner, and board member and Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning. He trained in the USA with George Kinder, the father of financial life planning, and became the UK’s first Kinder Institute Registered Life Planner in 2007. Go to to download his brochure.

Jeremy is currently studying for a Post-graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching accredited by the University of Chester with the intention of becoming a member of the International Coach Federation.

Jeremy is married and living in Yorkshire with one son at University. For more information please visit his personal website

"Confidentiality and Security"

We use the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics as our benchmark for ethical standards.

We apply the normal standards of confidentiality expected of any professional organisation and as set out by the Information Commissioner in the UK, with whom we are registered. However, we will not be bound by confidentiality where we believe a client is involved in illegal activity, may be about to cause harm to him or herself or others or where we are required to disclose by law. We may discuss cases with a supervisor who will also be bound by the same rules of confidentiality.

Where we are retained and remunerated by an organisation to provide coaching to members of that organisation, confidentiality between coach and coachee will be standard unless otherwise agreed with both parties.
Our handwritten session notes will be scanned and uploaded to your personal client folder. Calls and videos can be recorded and made available to you if required. We do not produce formal minutes of coaching sessions and recommend that you spend ten minute or so after each session noting important points and agreed actions.