Coaching FAQ’s

Life is busy – we all know it.  The more you achieve, the more addictive the cycle of outperforming yourself becomes.

As the pace of life continues to increase, how do you ensure you are putting your energy and attention into the areas that will achieve the best results for you?

How do you step off the treadmill long enough to make sure you are addressing the real questions in life?

Today more and more people choose to work with a coach, giving themselves dedicated time to pause, space to breathe and time to think, so they can refocus on their most important and unanswered questions.

But what is coaching, and will it really help. And, if it does, how do you cut through the crowd and find the best one for you?

On this page we answer some of the key questions about coaching, and offer simple tips to help you choose a coach who is the perfect for you.

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“I should be able to work everything out myself”

When you pause, step back and observe your actions, it allows you to move forward more assuredly

You are more powerful when the mirror is held up to you

“I must have a problem before I hire a coach”

Making your strengths and values more conscious, allows you to live with greater confidence

Find a coach who can balance working on your developments areas with enhancing your strengths

“I must know what I want to achieve before I begin”

Not knowing allows the unseen to be seen, and is the perfect starting point to any coaching conversation

Relax your need to know and be in control, stay curious and let the conversation guide you

“A good coach is a qualified coach”

Don’t be dazzled by qualifications, it just means they were able to learn what they needed to learn

Instead ask them about their ongoing personal development and supervision

“A coach must have experience in my industry”

Don’t let industry limit you, a good coach is adaptable and coaches the whole person

In your initial conversation observe if the coach has a natural way of understanding you and your world

“I need to choose the right type of coach”

Chemistry counts, choose a coach you feel a connection with in the first instance – the rest will unfold

Have chemistry sessions with as many coaches as you need to, until you find the one who clicks for you

“Meeting in person builds greater trust”

Ask yourself how honest you can be with this person, it is safety that builds trust rather than being in the room

Consider how bold and how vulnerable you could be in conversations with this person

“My friends and family can coach me”

They may have good intentions, but your friends and family will have biases that influence them

A coach can provide you with an objective perspective by highlighting multiple positions for you to consider

“It’s important to know the science of coaching”

Worry less about the science; consider if it is a thought provoking, stimulating and insightful conversation

Coaching is a powerful dialogue between two people; choose someone who leaves you with brand new perspectives

“I don’t have enough time for coaching”

The more resistance you feel towards coaching the more likely it’s time…

Ask your coach to set a regular rhythm with you; this is key to enabling it to become a natural part of your routine

“I am uncoachable”

You can anticipate feeling challenged during your coaching, but it’s highly unlikely you are uncoachable

Coaching is a mutual conversation that requires you to show up and play your part

“Coaching doesn’t work”

Studies show you are more likely to success if you have a specific accountability to another person

Choose a coach you respect, and who has your well-being and success (not their own ego) as their primary focus

(With thanks to Danielle Marchant, coach and retreat leader, helping clients to reconnect, grow and live.)