The Story of Living Money

The truth about you and your challenges, us and our solution, and our services

‘You are a unique and wonderful human being. There is so much you have achieved already, and so much more you can achieve. In your heart of hearts you know you want to make a difference – to yourself, your family, your community, your work, your world. Yet you find yourself constrained by time, by money, by fear, by the rules of the world.

‘So how would it feel to have someone walk alongside you, working with you to maximise your potential and live a truly wholehearted and authentic life? How would it feel to have someone work with you to make the most of your time and resources? How would it feel to have someone accompany you on a journey to build a new relationship with money, free of greed, envy, comparison, uncertainty and “I don’t have enough…”? How would it feel to have someone work with you to gain the courage, power and resources to live your dream?

‘I hope it would feel good. I hope it would leave you soaring like a bird in the sky. In fact, I know it would because I’ve done it myself and for the last 15 years that’s what I have done for my clients. I can do it for you, too.’

Jeremy Deedes

The truth about us

We combine coaching skills to help you grow, develop and live wholeheartedly with generic financial and resource planning to ensure you have the right resources in the right place at the right time to live life to the full.

Why we exist

We are passionate about building a society in which money is seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself; where contribution comes before consumption; where greed and fear are replaced by understanding and sharing; where sustainability is preferred to waste and exploitation; in short, where you are able to live authentically and with integrity and meaning in your life.

The truth about financial services

Mainstream financial services put your money first and your life second so financial products often don’t meet your personal goals, leaving you frustrated, anxious and stressed.

The truth about you

You are part of a professional or entrepreneurial family bringing up your children and keeping an eye on older parents. It is often a struggle to master your life and your money.

What you care about

You care about your family and your work and you value quality, individuality, and authenticity. Longer term, you care about what life will look like after work and children.

Jeremy Deedes’ Story

Jeremy Deedes founded Living Money after a long career in financial services during which he experienced all the ups and downs of financial markets and their impact on people’s lives. He is the author of the acclaimed book Right Money, Right Place, Right Time.

Jeremy writes his own personal and professional blog at, where you can read more about him.

In this video, Jeremy tells his story and describes how his own difficult money experiences prompted him to become a financial adviser, then a financial planner, life planner and, ultimately, a life and financial coach.

Putting life before money

For many years Jeremy had been concerned about the disconnect in financial services between life and money. He founded Living Money to promote the principle of using money as a means to an end, not an end in itself and to teach families that you cannot make your life better without addressing your money, and you cannot manage you money effectively unless you know what it is for.

At the leading edge

Jeremy was formerly a Certified Financial Planner, and board member and Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning. He trained in the USA with George Kinder, the father of financial life planning, and became the UK’s first Kinder Institute Registered Life Planner in 2007. He remains at the leading edge of meeting the real financial and life needs of consumers.

The value of experience

Jeremy has been strongly influenced by his own early experiences of financial difficulties and flawed attitudes to money. The steps he took to get himself back on track, along with his professional training, shaped the methods he uses today to coach clients to master their lives and money.

The future

Jeremy’s plans for Living Money include building a community around best personal finance practices that promote authenticity and integrity. He remains passionate about the work of the Kinder Institute and continues to develop and disseminate financial coaching skills and concepts.

Clients’ stories

What worries you? (Click to expand)

Families talk about their concerns when they meet us for the first time. Here are a just a few of their comments:

  • ‘We don’t know where we are now, especially financially, so our lives are full of stress and anxiety.’
  • ‘We are not leading the lifestyle we aspire to.’
  • ‘We worry about what is going on in the world.’
  • ‘Our finances don’t support our goals and dreams.’
  • ‘We feel we are on the cusp of making a seriously bad decision.’
  • ‘We are asset rich and cash poor.’
  • ‘We work hard for our money, but don’t think our money is working hard for us.’

In fact, as you can see below, these all boil down to three fundamental flaws in their life and money, which we address through our unique blueprint for mastering your life and money. If you are in a similar situation, then get in touch with us today.

From hundreds of meetings with clients, we know that when you say something like ‘I’m worried I don’t have enough savings’ it is only the tip of the iceberg. When we explore deeply we find that you have three key issues that you really want to deal with. You have hazy life goals and no financial plan, your assets are not performing as expected and you are not leading the life you aspire to. As a result, your lives are mired in uncertainty, anger and anxiety.

Here are three who found out how to sleep at night and live wholeheartedly by day.

‘Without (you) we would never have had the confidence to do what we are doing but would have muddled on in the same old way. Now we are on the brink of a major, albeit somewhat scary, adventure, secure in the knowledge that we have the financial backing to live our dream life style. It truly is all thanks to you (and) the enthusiasm, patience and confidence you expressed so clearly to us’.

The Three Pillars

We have identified three pillars necessary for a worry-free and wholehearted life


Self discovery

  • Why? Anxiety and fear arises from not knowing where you are now. You have no basis for informed decision making
  • How? Dive in, get the facts, dig deep, tell your stories, understand the ‘rules of your world’,  model current and future finances
  • Leads to: Clarity, confidence, trust and ownership of your life and resources; immediate problems resolved

Life planning

  • Why? Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself. You can’t properly manage your resources until you know what they are for
  • How? Work out important values and goals, overcome obstacles, develop a plan and enact it
  • Leads to: Change for the better, vitality and direction and a comprehensive life plan to enable you to structure your finances

Financial organisation

  • Why? Because you cannot change your life without addressing your finances
  • How? Systematically restructure your finances to meet your new goals and values
  • Leads to: Finances running in the background and working hard to support you desired lifestyle and a financial plan to implement yourself or to give to your financial adviser to implement


FUTURE is our blueprint for addressing shortfalls in these three pillars to ensure your life and money work in harmony

The Living Money Blueprint (click to expand)

Here is an outline of FUTURE, our unique and tested financial life planning blueprint to master your money and your life. We will follow this process when you work with us personally or in a group.

  • Foundation: Self-exploration to develop clarity and peace of mind
  • Utopia: Discover your goals
  • Transformation: Strategies to overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Utilisation of resources: Optimise your financial, physical and personal resources
  • Roadmap: Bring it all together
  • Engage: Put it into action

Download our brochure to read more about FUTURE and how it can help you.

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