Moving questions

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Moving Questions will help you make progress with a problem or challenge you are facing at the moment whilst demonstrating the power of the coach’s most useful tool – insightful questions.


  1. Think of something in your personal or professional life you want to move forward
  2. Get a couple of blank sheets of paper and a pen
  3. Find somewhere quiet and give yourself permission to answer the questions posed in the video below

Try not to overthink the answers; if you need more time simply pause the video whilst you write down your answers.

When you have finished think about how you feel now, and how you found the exercise. You can record your thoughts in the comments box below (avoid describing the initial issue and please respect confidences and individual’s privacy).

(Based on material provided by Barefoot Coaching, experts in coaching and coach training, Melbourne, Derbyshire.)

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As coaches, we use questions all the time; we are curious and our curiosity is what helps our clients to move forward. We use this and similar exercises as well as additional material, recommended reading, reflective exercises, discussions and contributions to help members of Living Money further their personal and financial development.

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